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It’s much more than what the name says.

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Docs & Shorts is primarily a Collective of and for Film Makers who are passionately, and purposefully involved in the making a certain kind of films: Documentaries and Shorts Films (of course), Independent Films and Alternate Content.
And, together with them, we welcome any and everybody who supports the cause
and causes of Docs & Shorts.

The world of Docs & Shorts is a world parallel to, sometimes even connected with, but distinct from Bollywood (mainstream Hindi Cinema born in Mumbai); wherein Bollywood may be likened to the main course, the “Biryani” with Docs & Shorts being  the other accompanying dishes: the “cutlets”, “kababs”, “raita”, “chaas”, “papad”, “chutney” “pickle”, “phirni”, malpua, “rossogolla”, “”sandesh”, “gulab jamun”, “aamras” and the like, as the case may be. Most of them often, available and consumable stand alone; some for specific consumption; but together and in combinations, they make
a rich, sumptuous and wholesome banquet known as Indian Cinema.

The contribution of Docs & Shorts to the socio-economic fabric of the nation cannot always measured it terms of Box Office Receipts but by the pure impact they create by adding value to lives. Empowering through education, enlightenment and awakening. Taking  common cause and using it as the thread to connect people and holding them together.

In doing so, Docs & Shorts create an environment that supports sustainable
socio-economic development and growth.