1 Mission

DOCs & SHORTs  seeks to connect and work together with film makers and other associated entities, be they individuals or bodies, in India, Asia and across the world to create a networking platform where they can connect with each other and work towards mutual benefit.

Developing projects, finding funds, finding markets, taking up issues on behalf of and related to working relationships for film makers and helping find solutions to problems by opening dialogues between those concerned.

Mentoring, funding, film making, distributing, marketing, exhibiting, retailing and selling.
Content aggregation and management for new screening avenues and revenue streams. Catalysing quality production and monetising of alternate content, i.e.

Docs & Shorts membership is open to film makers, including writers, directors, producers, technicians, associate professionals and media students. And also funding agencies, commissioning bodies, broadcasters, distributors, exhibitors, retailers, buyers, competition/festival organisers Media Institutions. Even Government and various Establishment bodies. And, of course, Cinephiles.

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