3 Objectives

To facilitate education and spread awareness on issues such as Human Rights and Values, Gender Equality and Social Justice, Codes and Ethics, Health and Hygiene, Environment and Sustained Development, History and Culture; Art and Technology synergising the power and potential of DOCs & SHORTs namely “Cinema with a Purpose”, and exploiting it effectively to help alleviate poverty, create better living conditions, enlighten, motivate and empower the general public at large towards self-reliance and sufficiency within the constraints of the Constitution. 

To bring together eminent people in industry from India and across the world on a single platform and use their resources to facilitate the commissioning, creative execution, distribution and exhibition of “DOCs & SHORTs”, i.e., “Cinema with a Purpose” in order to meet the main objectives of the Trust.

[The words “DOCs & SHORTs”, i.e., “Cinema with a Purpose” in this document stands for and represents all manner of moving pictures other than commercial mainstream Hindi Cinema primarily produced in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) and commonly understood and referred to as “Bollywood” Films. The term includes but is not limited to Documentaries, Shorts (Educational, Instructional, Training, Motivational, Inspirational, Fiction, Advertising, Promotional, Experimental and others), Independent Film, Alternate Content, Television, Animation, Gaming, among others; in all languages, durations, genres and formats from all regions across India, Asia-Pacific and the world.

The word “Film Maker”: stands for and means the creator of “DOCs & SHORTS”, i.e., “Cinema with a Purpose” as defined here, namely, writer, director, producer, conceiver.]

To reach out to and connect with all makers of DOCs & SHORTs i.e., “Cinema with a Purpose”, across India on a continual basis in order to facilitate access to their services and products as and when they are needed to meet the main objectives of the Trust. .